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  • Early Treatment / Preventative

  • Choosing an orthodontist office for the beauty of your family or your children's smiles is an extremely important decision that needs to be made correctly. Orthodontic care can be short and relatively painless, or a long process. You'll want to make sure you are choosing the right doctor for your needs. The orthodontic experience is something you'll remember every time you look in the mirror for the rest of your life; so make sure it's a good smile looking back at you. We are an established practice with years of experience, good reviews, and a friendly environment. Placing your trust in us will be the first step in bringing confidence to your smile!

    Get a consultation from our office.

    Picking an Orthodontist may seem like an arduous task.  It does not have to be!  We encourage all prospective patients to research for their own benefit.  General dentists offer recommendations based on professional knowledge and experience.   Word of mouth is a powerful way to make an informed decision; such as, asking friends, co-workers and neighbors of their experience.  At CDC Orthodontics our staff are all highly trained and offer only the very best care to our patients.   The staff at CDC Orthodontics take great pride in welcoming new patients and walking them through the following process.   All new clients are offered a complimentary consultation whereby we set aside 40 - 80 minutes dedicated to you and your concerns.

    We offer specific ortho treatment options tailored to suit each client/patient’s needs.

    Ask questions.

    During your consultation at our practice, don't be afraid to ask all the questions you need for comfort.  That's why you're here! It is essential for you to grasp what type of orthodontic problems you have and the best way to treat them. The more information you have, the more comfortable you can be with the decisions you will make for your future.

    A few things to consider:

    • Is CDC ortho conveniently located for office visits?
    • Do we offer compatible hours related to your schedule?
    • Is your insurance accepted?  What financing options are available?
    • Do you feel welcome and part of the CDC ortho family?