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  • Why You Should See An Orthodontist for Your Clear Aligners

  • orthodontist clear aligners

    “Can’t I just order clear aligners online and do it myself?”  or “Can’t I have my dentist do it?”  We’ve heard questions like this at the Clark D Cash Orthodontist Frankfort office. With access to information that technology provides these days, there are many opinions about the best way to do anything you want to do. Not everyone who offers a solution is an expert, so there are many misconceptions available about the best way to straighten your teeth. Only orthodontists have the experience and specialized training to straighten your teeth and assist with dental irregularities. While dentists have your oral health in mind, they don’t have the experience and training for this goal. It’s best to listen to those who have what you want. Here are a few reasons why you should only see your orthodontist for your clear aligners

    Clear Aligners Are Therapy

    The clear aligners that we use at our Frankfort orthodontist office involve using a series of custom clear aligners that move your smile in the right direction. They are made from FDA-approved flexible plastic. They are patented and contain no BPA, BPS, gluten, or latex. Dr. Cash and the dental technicians work closely to create perfectly fit aligners for your needs. They are nearly invisible, discrete, and easily removable for your lifestyle and oral health routines. There have fewer restrictions than metal braces would demand, as they fit snugly over your teeth. They may be a more affordable option for those who don’t necessarily need traditional metal braces but want the same goal: a more perfect smile over time.  

    Trained Experts at Your Service

    The success of your clear aligners depends on the precise treatment from a trained expert: a certified orthodontist. Dr. Cash is your Frankfort orthodontist who can map the gradual movement of your smile. He closely monitors the exact force applied to move your teeth to make sure that they fit correctly and your smile progresses properly. You will have access to a trained expert in your corner that you wouldn’t have with a DIY online kit. To have a professional at your service to answer your questions, address your concerns, and correct any issues is vital. Don’t risk not having an expert on this journey to your best smile with you. You wouldn’t necessarily know if something were to become dangerous. Your orthodontist, however, can make an appointment quickly if needed. 

    Is An Orthodontist The Only Expert I Should Trust With My Treatment?

    While a dentist has a degree from an accredited dental school, an orthodontist has additional training and education to specialize in teeth straightening. A dentist does not have this experience. Your Frankfort orthodontist takes pride in maintaining a leading edge in orthodontics, with continuous education and experience with new proven technology. The initial personalized treatment plan is unique to your mouth and critical to your successful alignment. If your treatment plan were to be monitored by someone who was trained poorly, it could return devastating results. 

    A specialist will almost always provide you with the best care, as they have the most experience in your specific need. Orthodontists are specialists in straightening your teeth. Dr. Cash provides his Frankfort braces or clear aligners patients with a proper diagnosis after examining. Your progress will be tracked throughout your treatment. Just as well, your bone and airway and gum tissues will be considered.  

    Are you looking into clear aligners as an option for straighter teeth? We’re now offering clear aligners for the same cost as traditional braces! Whether it’s for yourself or your teen, we’re looking forward to meeting you at your consultation to plan out your road to a more perfect smile!  Our Facebook page has a great deal of smile inspiration for you until then.