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  • Protect Your Braces This Fall Sport Season

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    Fall sports like football, soccer, volleyball and cross country are already practicing for their upcoming seasons. If you’re on the team, you probably already have your practice gear, uniform, and shoes ready to go. Do you also have a mouthguard? While it may not be a required part of the uniform by your coach, our Frankfort orthodontist recommends that you add it. A mouthguard will reduce the likelihood of broken or chipped teeth or other dental injuries.

    Sports and Braces

    If you participate in sports and have braces, a mouthguard should be an essential part of your uniform. The way that shoulder pads and knee pads protect your joints, and shin guards protect your legs, a mouthguard will protect your teeth and braces. A football or volleyball to the face can seriously harm your teeth. Even the slowest ball can cause pain and may break your braces. A generic mouthguard is great to protect your mouth, but when you wear Frankfort braces, ask your orthodontist about custom-fit mouthguard options.

    Custom-Fit Mouthguards

    Our orthodontist Frankfort staff can create a mouthguard for your optimal protection that’s specific to your needs. One-size-fits-all mouthguards that are made by the boil and form method are not always ideal if you wear braces. We can set you up with a mouthguard that gives you better protection. One that’s made for your unique mouth and braces will increase your safety and prevent any setbacks in your orthodontic treatment. We will help you to find the best solution.

    Mouthguard Benefits

    Mouthguards can protect your teeth and ease some of the pressure that arises when your jaws are clenched. You may unconsciously grind your teeth or clench your jaw during a heated game or in the moments before you score. Your mouthguard will create a bone cushion so they don’t grind against each other. Your teeth and jaw will both be protected.

    Our Frankfort orthodontist recommends mouthguards for track and field and other non-contact sports as well. If you notice that your jaw aches after practice or your games, consider getting a mouthguard as soon as possible. When mouthguards are properly used, your chances of oral injuries decrease significantly. This will also help you prevent costly restorative orthodontic and dental work. Your ultimate goal with braces is to achieve your perfect smile. Don’t set yourself back by ignoring your need for a mouthguard.

    The most challenging part about wearing braces is that your teeth are constantly moving. As your smile continues to change, a mouthguard may protect your teeth less than when it was originally fitted. Lucky for you, our Frankfort orthodontist can work with you to keep your orthodontic goals in line during your fall sports season.

    Request an appointment to go over your options and be prepared for the upcoming season. Follow our Facebook page for more tips on how to care for your braces between visits. Best of luck with your winning season!