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  • 5 Reasons Summer is the BEST Time to Get Braces

  • Summer is a great time for travel, lazy beach days, and a vacation from the stresses of everyday life. Summer is also a perfect time to get those braces you’ve been postponing! We get it… you need some well-deserved relaxation this summer.  If self-improvement is on your “To-Do” list, then how better to achieve your goals than by improving your smile? Summer is the best time to get braces. Here’s why: 

    1. Removal of plaque and tartar 

    Summer is full of road trips, BBQs, and parties that often have plenty of sugary treats. These sweets are great at sticking to your teeth, adding to plaque and tartar, and may eventually lead to cavities! Before we put your braces on, we’ll clean your teeth thoroughly to remove the plaque and tartar buildup. This will allow your braces to stay in place, and remove the bacteria breeding grounds. Since it’s easy for food particles to get caught between your teeth, brackets, and wires, be extra attentive cleaning your teeth. We recommend you continue visiting your dentist a couple times a year, and will give you a few tips to brush and floss around your new braces. 

    2. Time to adjust 

    Summer is a fantastic opportunity to take a break from the demands of everyday life, whether you’re on summer vacation from school, or have a family trip planned. This break gives you some extra time to get used to your new braces. You may experience some sensitivity in the beginning. Would you be able to concentrate in a classroom or meeting if you’re focused on your teeth? Summer is the perfect time to take a vacation and adjust to your new braces! 

    3. Develop the right cleaning procedures 

    How embarrassing is it when you notice a piece of food in your smile, and realize it’s been there during all the conversations you had that day? You’ll have extra time during the summer to experiment with cleaning techniques until you’re a professional. 

    4. Summer color combinations 

    Show off your new grill in photos! You can choose color combos that match your bathing suit, your wardrobe, theme parties, or your favorite color. You can always choose neutral colors if you’re not feeling especially bold. 

    5. WOW factor 

    Returning from vacation with a new and improved smile is a wonderful way to shake things up at school or in the office! Whether you want the extra attention or not, you’ll be an inspiration by inspiring others to improve their own teeth. Their perfect smiles are also just around the corner, with a little attention to their orthodontic needs.  

    Now is the perfect time to improve your confidence by making steps toward your goals: by giving yourself the smile you deserve! We are here for you to answer your questions. What are you waiting for? Call us at (502) 227-1931 to set up an appointment today!