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  • When Does Orthodontic Treatment Start?

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    As a parent, you know how important oral hygiene is for your child’s smile.  For the most part, parents know that by beginning a good oral health regimen early in life, they are helping their family keep their smiles healthy.  But aside from brushing and flossing, smiles often need additional care.  Orthodontic treatment is one need that your child might have.  So, when is the best time to begin treatment?  As the orthodontist Frankfort families choose for their braces care and smiles, we can help answer this question.

    Early Orthodontic Treatment

    Traditionally, children get braces in their teen years.  However, visiting our Frankfort orthodontist starting around age 7 is recommended.  At this age, we are able to see how your child’s teeth are coming in and can take steps as a way of early intervention to correct small issues that may become larger down the road.  Seven is the magic number as both adult teeth are starting to emerge.  A visit to our office doesn’t mean that your child will get braces right away.  Rather, we evaluate their teeth as a starting point and can take steps to intervene if necessary.

    Does Early Orthodontic Treatment Help?

    Early treatment, in some cases, helps our Frankfort orthodontist prevent issues with lower and upper dental arches, and reduce the potential of impacted teeth; eliminating a need for extractions.  Speech problems can also be addressed by early orthodontic treatment.  Catching a problem at an early age saves time and money down the road.

    When Does Treatment Begin?

    Keep in mind that an evaluation is only that.  By beginning at age seven, we keep an eye out for areas that may be problematic.  At your child’s evaluation, we take a look at your bite, and watch for changes as the months and years progress.  Expect one to two visits a year at this point.

    Early Orthodontic Treatment Benefits

    Early treatment is a proactive approach and it benefits your child’s oral health in the long run.  This prevents teeth from overcrowding as permanent teeth come in.  It can also benefit your child’s well-being.  Studies show that early treatment reduces the length of time your child needs to wear braces.  By helping teeth grow into the right position early, fewer risks are then associated with your child’s smile and oral health.

    Each mouth is different and unique.  Talk with our Frankfort orthodontist about your child’s oral health.  We work with every patient to develop an individual treatment plan customized to their needs.  Learn more about us on Facebook or give our office a call to schedule your child’s appointment today.  We look forward to helping your child have a healthy smile.