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  • Great Oral Health Care for Children

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    ‘Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile.’ This is the slogan for this year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Each February, the American Dental Association, including our Frankfort orthodontist, brings awareness to the importance of proper oral health care for children.  As the orthodontist Frankfort families choose for their braces and smile, we’d like the opportunity to share a few tips toward a clean, healthy mouth especially for our patients with braces.

    Brushing and Flossing with Braces

    When a child or teenager wears braces, they may see a change in their normal oral hygiene routine.  Rather than brushing twice a day and flossing once each day, our Frankfort orthodontist patients usually see a need for more frequent flossing and brushing.  When you have braces it is very important to pay attention to your oral health.  Proper oral health care for children and teenagers with braces helps keep tooth decay and cavities away so your orthodontia work isn’t compromised.

    How can I floss with braces?

    Maintaining a good flossing regimen is easy with the right tools.  Threading traditional floss through wires for all of your teeth is neither an easy task nor ideal.  Instead, you can talk with our Frankfort orthodontist to learn about other flossing options.  One of our favorites is a water flosser.  These machines are designed to emit water in pulses. This keeps your gums pink and healthy, removes food particles from brackets and teeth, and helps clean between the teeth.

    Alternative Floss Choices

    Another great tool for flossing is the floss threader, or flosser as it is sometimes called.  Some flossers are designed to be thin enough to fit under the wire and bracket on your braces. This way your braces aren’t damaged.  Talk with our Frankfort orthodontist staff to learn about our recommendations so that your oral treatment plan doesn’t get delayed when a bracket needs to be replaced.

    Promote great oral health habits at home and you’ll ensure a lasting smile.  Celebrate Children’s Dental Month by continuing your oral health routine the entire year.  Find more topics about oral health on our Facebook page. Give our team a call if you are ready to schedule an appointment; we look forward to seeing you.