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  • Maintaining Braces with Good Oral Hygiene

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    Braces are great, once they are off.  The result of your hard work and dedication in caring for your mouth and oral hygiene while wearing braces will pay off once you finally get to see your new smile.  But, before the braces come off, it can difficult to see what progress you are making.  As the orthodontist Frankfort residents trust for their braces and early treatment orthodontia plans, know that you can count on us to give you the perfect smile.  Our Frankfort orthodontist and staff are dedicated to your oral health and smile and we are here to help you learn how to best care for your braces.

    Brush at least twice each day

    The ADA recommends we brush our teeth twice a day.  This is especially important if you wear braces.  Food and bacteria are harder to get rid of when you have braces making for more embarrassing moments if you have food stuck in your smile.  Braces require a little more upkeep than your normal teeth, so taking the extra time to brush after each meal can save you from awkward situations and keep your teeth cavity free.

    Alternatives to brushing

    Technically, there is no alternative.  Brushing is an important step for good oral hygiene and braces.  However, our Frankfort orthodontist understands that not everyone carries a toothbrush around in their pocket.  We recommend you consider a travel sized toothbrush or, if absolutely necessary, rinse your mouth with water after a meal when your toothbrush isn’t nearby.  By swishing the water around in your mouth, you will loosen the food particles stuck between your wires and brackets.  Small dental picks or even a tooth pick can remove difficult pieces of food in a moment of need.  While this alternative will keep your smile from grossing out your peers, you’ll still need to brush away the acidic foods and bacteria left behind once you get home. 

    Flossing with braces

    There are a number of ways you can keep your gums healthy and your teeth free of cavities when you wear braces and need to partake in your daily flossing.  Dental picks, water flossers, and floss threaders help make this job easier with braces.  Talk with our Frankfort orthodontist about what tools are best for you.  We’re happy to help you maintain a good oral hygiene routine so that your smile doesn’t suffer the consequences of an unhealthy mouth.

    The great news about braces is that they will eventually come off to reveal an amazing new smile.  With proper oral hygiene techniques you’ll be grateful that you took the time to invest in your oral health.  Without a great routine your new smile has the potential to be overwhelmed with cavities and gum disease.  So continue to keep up the good work and know that you are making a difference in your oral health every day.  If you would like to learn more about caring for braces, check out our Facebook page.  We love educating our patients and look forward each day to seeing new smiles.