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  • Orthodontia Care and Early Intervention

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    If you are looking for a local orthodontist, Frankfort patients in need of braces care or early intervention treatment have the benefit of great care at our convenient location .  Typically, people who get braces fall between the ages of 9 and 15.  However, our Frankfort orthodontist commonly sees younger patients whether for a consult, or for early braces treatments.  If you or your dentist believe your child is a candidate for early braces treatment, we are happy to help you better understand how we can make a difference with your child’s smile. 


    Does my child need braces at a young age?

    There are a number of reasons a child may need to visit our Frankfort orthodontist office before the traditional timeline when most kids get their braces.  Research has shown that early intervention can correct minor issues before they become larger issues.  Some of the problems may include:

    • Crooked teeth – It is becoming more common to treat teeth earlier rather than later as the child grows.  Our Frankfort orthodontist can best evaluate your child and walk you through treatment options and the advantages of early intervention.
    • Underbites – In patient cases when an underbite is a problem, early intervention with orthodontia treatments or braces are beneficial.  We can correct the issue as the child grows; changing the pattern of bone growth and realigning the child’s bite structure.
    • Crossbite – If the lower and upper jaws don’t align correctly, early intervention treatments may include an expander or some other form of orthodontia equipment.


    Tooth extractions

    In some cases early intervention may include extracting teeth.  The reason our Frankfort orthodontist office might suggest this is to prevent overcrowding as permanent teeth come in.  Removing the tooth gives the mouth room for the adult teeth coming in and helps prevent those teeth from overcrowding and becoming crooked.


    What if my child has an overbite?

    We mentioned underbites and early intervention, but the same practice is not true when young children have overbites.  Though extensive research is ongoing, early intervention doesn’t seem to be a necessary treatment plan for overbites.  Talk with our Frankfort orthodontist if you have questions, or check out our Facebook page to find answers to some of your questions.


    You and your child are in great care when you partner with the orthodontist Frankfort residents recommend.  We create smiles every single day and look forward to helping you or your children find theirs.