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  • Tricky Treats and Braces

  • Braces Frankfort orthodontistThe hardest part for anyone wearing braces may just be Halloween holiday.  After all, it is the one time of year where most parents turn a blind eye to the amount of candy you ingest.  Yet, with braces, you already know that most candy is on our Frankfort orthodontist list of no-no’s.  So, what can you eat and what should you stay away from this Halloween?


    Gummy Candies

    Any food that sticks to braces, let alone your teeth needs to be avoided.  Even fruit snacks which seem like a healthy alternative are known to have created an increase in cavities in young children.  As someone who wears braces, you’ll have a tough time cleaning these sticky candies out of your brackets.  And, the last thing you want after the dedication and time spent on correcting your teeth is to have them taken off only to be left with a ton of cavities.  Halloween will always be around, so skip the caramels, gummies, and taffy for a couple years so as not to delay your treatment.


    Hard Candies

    Candies which are hard can break the brackets off of your teeth, as well.  Find a good friend who would be willing to work in trade.  Swap out what you can’t eat for what you can.  This way, the spirit of the spooky season is still an option.  Plus, it’s much more fun to trick-or-treat with friends.  Ask our Frankfort orthodontist staff for suggestions on what to avoid if you are unsure.


    What can I eat with braces?

    There are plenty of alternatives for braces wearers on Halloween.  You may just have to get a little creative.  Treats that melt or dissolve in your mouth won’t harm your orthodontia work.  Chocolates and sugar-free items are your best bet.  Candy with xylitol in them are better in the long run for your teeth than those with sugar.

    Get creative and make a malt or shake with items you can’t directly eat.  Blending them up will make a fun treat while giving you the chance to eat your bounty.


    The most important thing to remember after eating any sweets is to brush and floss.  Use a water flosser to ensure the sugar is gone and brush after eating sweet treats.  It is also important to note that sugar isn’t the only culprit for cavities.  Carbohydrates, acids, and starches can also cause cavities.  These foods turn to sugar as they break down and cause tooth decay if not brushed away.


    Talk with our Frankfort orthodontist if you have questions before you go out trick-or-treating.  We’re happy to offer our thoughts so that your treatment plan doesn’t get sidetracked due to broken brackets or tooth decay.  Use your head and make smart choices that benefit your health and your teeth.  Follow our Facebook page for more healthy eating tips and oral care.  With proper care, your smile won’t end up looking like a jack-o-lantern.