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  • Invisalign or Braces: What’s Right for You?

  • Invisalign Frankfort orthodontistAs a Frankfort orthodontist we specialize in smiles.  Often, patients come to us inquiring about straighter teeth; wondering if Invisalign will work for them.  Our goal isn’t to promote a certain product, but to educate you on best practices.  In truth, you may be a great recipient for Invisalign, but braces may suit you better.  We evaluate your oral health situation and review your end goal before moving forward with a treatment plan best for your needs for a great smile.

    The Differences

    Braces, metal or ceramic, use brackets and wires to gently move teeth into the desired position. Invisalign and other similar products use customized trays to do the same job.  In cases where your teeth are more misaligned, braces may be more useful.  Teeth are forever moving, so even if you once had straight teeth, don’t be surprised if your bite has changed from your teenage years.  In cases when teeth have moved just a bit, Invisalign may be our Frankfort orthodontist recommendation.

    The Similarities

    Similar to a bracket on a tooth for braces, we may put a small apparatus on the front surface of a tooth or two when you use Invisalign trays.  These small button-like pieces help move more difficult teeth.  They are practically invisible but help pull the tooth in the necessary direction for your wonderful smile.  Oral hygiene is similar with both braces and Invisalign.  Regular brushing techniques are a must, though flossing is a bit easier with Invisalign as you can remove the trays for up to two hours a day in order to eat and perform your hygiene routine.

    The Road to a Great Smile

    The best way to get straight teeth is to follow the treatment plan set forth by our Frankfort orthodontist.  Whether you have braces or Invisalign, follow our recommendations for hygiene, care, and nutrition.  You may be told to avoid certain foods that will harm your brackets or wires, or desire soft foods after you’ve been given a new Invisalign tray or had your braces tightened.  Each style of ‘braces’ has its own set of rules so they are easy to manage and work effectively.

    We have a wealth of experience and information at our disposal in order to put you on the greatest path for a beautiful smile.  We’ll cover all aspects of your treatment plan so that you know how to care for your orthodontia work and oral health.  If you want straighter teeth, but aren’t sure if you should get braces or Invisalign, give us a call.  After a quick consultation, we can lay out our alignment options based on your teeth so that you can decide what method you want to pursue.  Find more information about braces and oral health on our Facebook page, or reach out to our team to schedule an appointment.