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  • How Long will you Wear Braces?

  • Braces Frankfort orthodontistThe length of time you will wear your braces isn’t an average or specific number based on a certain treatment plan.  How long you can expect to have braces is based on your unique situation, how you want your teeth to look, what our Frankfort orthodontist decides for treatment, and how well you follow directions.  So, while we can’t determine the exact number of months or years, we can give a close estimation based on our experience in perfecting patients’ smiles over the years.


    Getting it Right

    The first thing to consider before receiving braces is what is your end goal?  Some dentists may have solutions to straighten your teeth, but will that procedure align your bite and entire mouth, or just fix what is seen on the surface?  A straight bite is just as important as a great, healthy smile.  If your teeth don’t line up right, they can’t perform their job correctly.  Following this route may prolong the amount of time you wear braces or require additional work to repair destroyed enamel and bone from improper techniques.  Our Frankfort orthodontist has the experience and first-hand knowledge to correctly repair your bite and straighten your teeth at the same time.


    Case by Case

    Each mouth is unique.  Some of our patients have no additional problems other than a few misaligned teeth.  Others have crowding and spacing issues.  Normal and abnormal bites factor in to your timeline.  Our Frankfort orthodontist uses an impression of your mouth as well as a visual exam and x-rays to develop your treatment plan.  Commonly, the fewer issues, the shorter amount of time you’ll need to wear braces.  For more advanced issues, the timeline will extend.


    At-home Care

    The biggest factor in time is you.  Following the directions set forth by our Frankfort orthodontist and staff is essential to your treatment plan.  Maintain your oral hygiene regimen by brushing twice each day and flossing with special floss or a water flosser, and heed the advice of our experts.  Change your bands when required, refrain from eating foods that will damage your brackets, and keep all of your appointments.  The better you take care of yourself and your oral health, the faster your treatment will be and the fewer setbacks you’ll have.


    When you wear braces, you are making a commitment to improve your oral health and smile.  Stay true to your goals and work with our team to help you get the best smile possible.  We have a variety of tips for healthy mouths on our Facebook page and are always available to answer your questions.  Proper care of your braces and the advice of our Frankfort orthodontist will give you a great smile in as little time as possible.