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  • A Clean Retainer is Essential to Oral Health

  • Retainers Frankfort orthodontistWe’ve talked before about how to care for a retainer, but thought it impertinent to reiterate the reasoning behind cleanliness and how it affects your oral health.  Our Frankfort orthodontist wants your teeth and gums and new, amazing smile to always be its best and we are happy to provide you with the tools and education to keep it shining bright.


    First let’s look at why you might need a retainer…

    The majority of our Frankfort orthodontist patients wearing a retainer have just completed their braces treatment.  It took months, and probably years, to slowly move your teeth into correct alignment.  A retainer is needed to hold those straight teeth in their new position.  If you think it’s a waste of time, try going without your retainer for a couple days and then inserting it again.  The fit is much tighter than before.  After braces, your teeth are still adjusting and a retainer is necessary to hold them in place while the teeth become set in their permanent home.

    Other patients may not need to wear braces, but benefit from the stability of a retainer.  Use of your retainer may be only at night, or all day every day for a certain amount of time.  Regardless of your unique oral treatment plan, it is best to follow your Frankfort orthodontist and staff’s advice.


    Cleaning your Retainer

    Plaque builds up on your teeth within 4 to 5 hours after you last brushed.  The same holds true for your retainer.  Brush your retainer when you brush your teeth; twice each day.  Remove the retainer to brush and set it in your storage case.  Brush your teeth and then your retainer with toothpaste that is non-abrasive.    Rinse with water and put the retainer back in your mouth.  Take this opportunity to clean your case as well so that the retainer is always stored in a clean environment.


    Avoid Illness and Bacteria

    Setting your retainer down on a table or counter, or throwing it in a purse or gym bag is an instant way to infect your oral device.  You might as well just lick the table.  Germs and bacteria are on every surface so when you don’t properly store your retainer, you are picking up those invisible particles and contaminating your retainer and thus, your mouth.  By using the case you received at our Frankfort orthodontist office, you’ll reduce the risk of bacterial infections and viruses.


    Practicing a great oral hygiene routine, including proper cleaning and storing of your retainer is essential.  You’ll eliminate the risk of infection and keep your smile looking amazing.  We offer additional hygiene tips on our Facebook page and are always happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to your oral health.  We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment in good health.