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  • New Braces?  What You Need to Know

  • Clear braces Frankfort orthodontistHappy spring from your Frankfort orthodontist team!  We love this time of year with its blooming flowers and blossoming trees.  Warmer temperatures and sunshine aren’t too shabby either.  What aspects of spring are you looking forward to this year?  Do you have a wedding coming up or graduation?  This is a great time to plan ahead and make sure your smile is picture perfect on your big day.  If you have recently gotten braces, read on for some tips on maintaining your great smile so your special occasion isn’t interrupted with a broken wire or bracket.

    Food and Braces

    Family reunions, weddings, and graduation parties are often accompanied by food.  Make good choices when it comes to what you eat if you wear braces.  The menu may be out of your control, but you can still make the best of it with a few tips.

    • Cut up any food that you normal bite with the front of your teeth.  Corn on the cob and apples are healthy and delicious, but can easily break off one of your brackets.  Grab a knife and slice the kernels off of the corn cob or slice up your apple to avoid this.  Food that is cut can then be chewed using your molars.
    • Opt for softer foods or transform your meal into one that won’t damage your dental work.  Hard shell tacos can be turned into a salad.  Ditch the hoagie bun and just eat the sandwich fixings.  Avoid hard candies and popcorn as well.
    • For dessert options, ignore ice cream cones and make a sundae.  Stay away from sticky items that may damage your braces.

    Your braces won’t be on forever, and the adjustments you make to your eating habits in the short term remove the cost of your Frankfort orthodontist fixing a broken bracket or wire and eliminate the chances that you’ll have to wear your braces longer than scheduled.


    Cleaning Your Braces

    One of the biggest issues patients have with braces is food getting stuck in them.  On your big day, don’t mar your pictures with a smile that has food stuck in your teeth.  If you aren’t able to brush your teeth after eating, carry a toothpick or dental floss with you everywhere you go.  In a pinch, you can swish with water to remove stubborn food particles.  Of course, you’ll want to make sure you brush and floss once you are able.


    Which Braces are Right for You?

    The most common type of braces are metal braces.  However, depending on what events are on your schedule, you may want to try Invisalign® or clear braces.  Our Frankfort orthodontist can help you determine what will work best for your orthodontist treatment plan.


    Call our office if you have any questions and stop by our Facebook page for more information regarding the care of your braces.  With a little extra planning, you can stay on track with your oral treatment plan and still enjoy the festivities.