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  • Tips for Fresh Breath with Braces

  • Early Treatment - OrthodontistFebruary is National Children’s Oral Health Awareness Month.  Considering that the majority of our Frankfort orthodontist patients are below the age of 18, it seems only natural to celebrate!  Our ongoing goal of promoting oral health and creating beautiful smiles is a passion.  As a person who wears braces, you’ve taking one of many steps to ensure a healthy smile.  So to celebrate, let’s look at ways to keep your teeth in the best shape possible and get fresh breath at the same time, too!

    Braces and Food

    Braces can be public enemy number one when it comes to food.  There are plenty of items that become more difficult to eat; other foods that get stuck, and some that you need to avoid.  The biggest cause of concern says Frankfort orthodontist Dr. Cash, is food that breaks off your brackets or ruins your wires.  Corn on the cob, whole apples, and other food that you eat with your front teeth are prone to lead to disaster.  The good news is that braces are temporary.  You can enjoy these foods with a little extra care by just cutting up the food.  This way the food can be chewed by your back molars and reduce the risk of breaking your braces.

    Fresh Breath

    Besides the fear that your braces’ smile will be marred with food is the occasional occurrence of halitosis.  When you have braces, food particles have all kinds of new places to hide.  As the food breaks down with your saliva, it can cause not-so-fresh breath if bacteria have a chance to grow.  Carry some dental pics with you to remove any lodged food among your brackets and swish with water to loosen any tough areas.  It is also a great idea to brush your teeth after you eat so as to avoid embarrassing odors.  Our Frankfort orthodontist staff can provide other suggestions and tools that offer great solutions to cleaning your teeth with braces.

    Love is in the Air

    Besides National Children’s Awareness Month, February is maybe most known for Valentine’s Day.  And, as typically the case, Valentine’s come with sugary greatness.  If you wear braces, stay away from hard candies and gummy candies that are difficult to remove from dental apparatuses.  Hard candy can break brackets and get stuck in hard to reach places.  Opt instead for soft candy, but don’t forget to brush.

    Children and Braces

    Braces take some getting used to, but the adjustment period is short-lived and well worth it in the long run.  Early Treatment for children who need braces can set their mouth up for a successful, life-long habit of caring for their oral health.  Help young children take proper care of their teeth and braces and encourage older children to brush more often while using water flossers for gum care.


    So, how will you celebrate February?  Join us on Facebook for ongoing messages regarding orthodontia care and your oral health.  Reach out to us if you have any questions; we’re happy to help you get that beautiful smile you deserve.