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  • Do you have a Speech Impediment?  Consider Braces.

  • Braces-Orthodontist in FrankfortBraces are beneficial for a number of reasons.  The most obvious is the benefit of aligning of your teeth.  However, did you know that braces can do much, much more for you?  Dr. Cash, our orthodontist in Frankfort says there are a variety of reasons braces may be right for you.


    Braces at any age

    Braces are most commonly worn by teens to correct a bite problem or to realign teeth.  In many cases, the earlier you visit an orthodontist, the better and easier your treatment plan will be for your overall oral health.  But, braces can aid anyone of any age.  Teeth may move as you age requiring you to need braces to correct a problem.  In some cases, young children can benefit from braces so that as their adult teeth grow in, they have the right amount of space to do so.  Typically, young children only wear braces for a short amount of time and then again as the need arises as they age.  Adults benefit from braces to correct any alignment and bite issues.  Additionally, if a tooth is lost or broken, braces for adults can help correct misalignment from occurring from the missing tooth.


    Speech Impediments

    Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, tooth alignment, and over and underbites have a tendency to affect your speech.  Lisps from a tooth gap or uncorrected bite can often be fixed with braces.  As the teeth straighten, you can train your tongue to pronounce words without a lisp.  If you hear a slight whistle when pronouncing certain words, braces may help that as well as it could be an issue with your bite.  Children who suck their thumb often find that a lisp develops as a result.  Braces can correct this early enough so the problem doesn’t follow your child into adulthood.

    Though braces may make the speech impediment more defined at first, by speaking more slowly and enunciating, you’ll avoid impeding your speech.  The corrective action of braces will be a step towards training your mouth to produce the right sounds.


    Orthodontic Treatment

    There are a variety of braces available and your orthodontist in Frankfort can help you determine what type is best for you.  Adults tend to prefer clear or ceramic braces, or Invisalign braces especially if they are working in the public eye.  Teens and young children often have metal braces.  Metal braces are known for their strength, affordability, and resistance to staining.  All types of braces perform well.  Your doctor can help you decide which solution is best for your unique needs and oral treatment plan.


    A simple consult with our orthodontist in Frankfort is the easiest way to build an oral health plan.  We can discuss your needs and expectations and create a plan with a goal of meeting those needs.  We’ll map out a timeline and regimen that will get you the smile you deserve and a mouth that functions and enunciates properly.

    We look forward to seeing you in our office and invite you to visit our Facebook page to stay current on the latest trends in orthodontia care.