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  • Bad Breath and Braces

  • Braces-Frankfort orthodontistIf you wear braces, you may occasionally find that your breath is less than stellar.  Unfortunately, it is a common problem for braces wearers.  However, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your social life.  With the holidays approaching, you can rest assure that our Frankfort orthodontist staff has your back and will help you get ready for any social gathering on your calendar.

    Do braces cause bad breath?

    Bad breath, or halitosis, is a chronic condition that is typically treatable.  The braces aren’t the problem, it is the food and bacteria that get stuck in the braces that emits a strong, embarrassing odor.  The goal to treating bad breath is to uncover the problem.  It may be a poor brushing routine, made worse by the fact that flossing is sometimes a bit more difficult with braces.  Other causes could be an illness, a cavity, or food particles lodged within your brackets.

    How to avoid bad breath with braces

    The majority of orthodontia patients in our Frankfort orthodontist location find that proper cleaning reduces their bad breath.  Here are some cleaning tips that will help you:

    • You may have to brush more often than twice a day.  Carry a toothbrush with you, and brush after ever meal in order to remove food that is stuck in your brackets and wires.
    • Use a water flosser, toothpick, or dental flosser to gently clean between teeth and gums.  These tools are designed to remove food that is stuck while keeping your gums healthy at the same time.
    • Try using a tongue scraper each morning and night.  The bacteria that live on your tongue are not always removed by brushing.


    Ring in the New Year with fresh breath

    The cause of halitosis is bacteria.  By removing the bacteria in your mouth, you’ll reduce your bad breath and be ready to attend any gathering coming up.  Your smile will shine and your friends and family will enjoy celebrating with you and your fresh breath.  In case improving your oral routine doesn’t do the trick, schedule an appointment with our Frankfort orthodontist, Dr. Cash, to discuss the cause of your halitosis.  He may refer you to your regular dentist, or be able to see hidden areas that are harboring bacteria in your mouth.

    The key to fresh breath, when you have braces, is to establish a great oral hygiene regimen. Avoid sticky, hard foods that get stuck in your teeth and brackets.  With proper care, you will avoid halitosis for the holidays and instead, celebrate with confidence.  If you have questions regarding home care, schedule an appointment at our Frankfort orthodontist office or review our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    We want you to enjoy your holidays this year and every year with clean breath and a winning smile.  Follow our team on Facebook to keep updated on the latest in oral health, and give us a call if you have questions.  Happy holidays from all of us at your Frankfort orthodontist office!