• Types of Braces

  • Tips for Fresh Breath with Braces

    February is National Children’s Oral Health Awareness Month.  Considering that the majority of our Frankfort orthodontist patients are below the age of 18, it seems only natural to celebrate!  Our ongoing goal of promoting oral health and creating beautiful smiles is a passion.  As a person who[...]

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    Do you have a Speech Impediment?  Consider Braces.

    Braces are beneficial for a number of reasons.  The most obvious is the benefit of aligning of your teeth.  However, did you know that braces can do much, much more for you?  Dr. Cash, our orthodontist in Frankfort says there are a variety of reasons braces may be right for you.  Braces[...]

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    Bad Breath and Braces

    If you wear braces, you may occasionally find that your breath is less than stellar.  Unfortunately, it is a common problem for braces wearers.  However, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your social life.  With the holidays approaching, you can rest assure that our Frankfort orthodontist [...]

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    The Importance of Your Retainer

    One of the greatest days in a teenager’s life is the day their braces come off in our Frankfort orthodontist office.  Months of hiding your smile, the hassle of food particles stuck in the brackets, and all the other nuances of wearing braces finally pays off to reveal sparkling teeth, perfectly [...]

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    Will Braces Set Off A Metal Detector?

     If you’re worried about your braces setting off the alarms as you pass through the metal detectors at airport security, don’t be! Modern braces are very small and are made from extremely light metals that won’t trigger any alarms (or increase the likelihood of being struck by lightning, [...]

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    What Are Orthodontic Braces Made Of?

    You love your teeth because they allow you to eat and look great. But you might need braces due to some problems with them. There are many materials that orthodontists use to make braces, and we will talk a little bit about them here. Stainless Steel Stainless steel is truly amazing when it comes[...]

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    What to Do if Your Orthodontic Braces Break at School

    If your braces do break or your groups or braces come free, the principal thing you have to do is contact your  Orthodontist. If you can't get down to the workplace or your orthodontist has no arrangements accessible, basically, call them and clarify the issue. Your orthodontist will have the [...]

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    Going Back to School with Braces

    Going back to school with braces can be a stressful time for students who recently got their braces or will get them in the near future. Whilst they worry about whether it will be embarrassing for them in front of other students, the thing they should be more careful about is the change they will [...]

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    How to Have Fun in the Summer with Braces

    The great weather that usually accompanies the summer months does wonders to lift the mood of everyone. It's the perfect time to try something new and different, it could be a new exercise regimen, a new hobby, or a great time to give yourself a new look, especially if you have a special summer [...]

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    Types of Braces

    The teen years are hard enough. Add the news that they need orthodontic braces and they cringe. Nobody wants a mouth full of metal. Many types of braces are available other than the traditional metal-mouth types from thirty years ago.Types of Orthodontic BracesSilver or stainless steel [...]

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  • The teen years are hard enough. Add the news that they need orthodontic braces and they cringe. Nobody wants a mouth full of metal. Many types of braces are available other than the traditional metal-mouth types from thirty years ago.

    Types of Orthodontic Braces

    Silver or stainless steel braces are the most common types of orthodontic braces available today. They are essential and efficient. The thickness of the arch wire, which is a wire conforming to the alveolar or dental arch that can be used as a source of force in correcting the irregularities of the teeth, will regularly be adjusted during treatment.

    Some people get stainless steel brackets colored ties around them. Ties may be the same or a variety of colors. Colors can be changed when the arch wire is adjusted.

    Real gold braces and brackets are available as well. These will depend in price depending on the price of gold. Some people wear them because they have an allergic reaction to stainless steel, while others like to make a statement with their “tooth jewelry.”

    Clear braces are also available for people that want a more discreet form of treatment. These are made out of ceramic and can sometimes have bright arch wire as well.

    Lingual braces are fitted to the back of the teeth. This is not usually a choice for children because it takes longer to place the brackets and each adjustment takes longer and requires patience and an ability to hold the mouth open for a long time.

    Also available are progressive, clear aligners. These are like trays that fit into the mouth and gradually reposition the teeth until the desired position is achieved. These can only be used in mild cases.

    Titanium braces are also available and are very strong! Most of the jaw implants that people get are made out of titanium. This is more expensive than the other types of braces, but may be required for those that are allergic to the nickel in steel.

    How Long do People Wear Orthodontic Braces?

    The length of time needed for the optimal results varies by patient. Some patients use braces, and when they are finished, they may require a retainer to ensure a relapse does not occur.

    Not every patient needs a retainer after their braces have been removed. Sometimes an orthodontist uses a “pre finished.” In essence, this is a rubber mouth guard that the patient can place in their mouth at prescribed times and bite down, causing pressure. This pressure makes the teeth and jaw stay in the correct positions.

    Retainers and pre finishers are not permanent and can be removed from the mouth as necessary by the patient. Patients with wire retainers often need to remove them during meal times. This can be very awkward for teens at school and adults in the workplace.

    Complications with Orthodontic Braces

    Though rare, there are potential complications with braces. Plaque can form on the teeth when they are not easily reached by a toothbrush. The solution to this problem is a unique brush that is small enough to fit behind the wires for regular cleansing.

    If teeth move in an incorrect direction, the arch wire can break and cause pain in the mouth. The orthodontist can correct this. The most common issue is the pain for up to a week after the braces have been placed. This can be controlled with over the counter pain relievers and by eating soft foods.

    People may not like the thought of wearing orthodontic braces. They feel awkward and often take months to become accustomed to. The result is almost always worth it, and a dazzling smile is a reward in the end.