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  • History of Orthodontic Braces

    Orthodontics has an archaic history that goes back to the days of the Greeks. The idea to initially straighten teeth for the benefit of helping people with biting and eating can be credited to the oldest human doctors: Hippocrates and Aristotle. To the surprise of many, ancient mummified bodies can [...]

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    Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

    Digital dental X-rays are much more detailed and efficient in diagnosing tooth maladies than the standard film X-rays used in the past. This procedure is also known as radiography and is a preferred method of examining patients’ oral health here at Dr. Clark D. Cash’s practice. Digital [...]

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    Smiling Is Good for Your Health

    Smiling is contagious, and a healthy smile can brighten up anybody's day - including the person who's doing the smiling. Continued psychological research has shown that smiling holds a myriad of benefits for us. Let's take a look at how smiling can change your life! Lifts your mood Studies [...]

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